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Application of Hot Rolling Mill manufactured by 'SM'

SM manufactures Steel Rolling Mill Plants & Machinery for the rolling of TMT (GOLD) Bars & Wire Rod in Coils, Squares/RCS, Rounds, Flats, Hexagonal, Light-Medium & Heavy Special Section: Angle, T-Iron, H-Beam/Joist, Channel, Beam, Strip up to 410 mm, Railway Tracks Section, Lift T's and Non-ferrous Metals with a production capacity of 0.30 lakh to 3.00 lakh M.T per year.

By virtue of rich and vast experience of the promoter himself and with his team of technical staff in this field, SM has established its name both in the Indian and overseas markets. The Company also has a well-organized working structure to facilitate Smooth and Hurdleless functioning.

Design & Support

Our team of qualified and experienced Engineers, AutoCAD / Mechanical Draftsmen, Production & Inspection Team undertakes preparation of layout and drawing with most optimum calculations and confirming to strict quality standards. Starting with the requirements of the customers, the calculations are done according to the rate of production. If the total plant is required or either a single machine is required, then taking into consideration, rest of the equipment(s) with which the proposed equipments is to be installed, the design is made which is best suited to the current requirements and technology and not according to the existing old age designs. After the layout is frozen, the basic engineering and detail design of the equipments is carried out on the most optimum calculations. All the engineering drawings for components are prepared to strict quality standards. All our designs are analyzed on ANSYS and the complete part drawings and layout simulation is done in 3D in Auto Desk Inventor. The same is provided to the clients for easy knowledge and detail information. The clients also get a first hand view of the complete plant or part that would look in actual. All the engineering drawing for components are prepared to strict quality standards.

Emergency Service

SM provides following emergency services as well, for which relevant details will have to be furnished by the concerned unit in advance.

  • Plant & Machinery breakdown handling services on call round the clock
  • Arrangement for spares to handle the breakdown in shortest possible time
  • Preparation of assemblies for breakdown handling in Rolling Mills.

Quality Policy

SM undertakes projects to remain as a symbol of best quality and state of the art technology. Satisfaction is guaranteed to our esteemed customers through best quality control and timely deliveries. The company provides uniform quality products by observing standard work practices, and through constant training and education of its workforce. With defect reduction to achieve 'minimum rejection' levels, quality for SM is a continuous process in improvement.

Business Policy

Adoption of newer technologies and being innovative to produce quality products with pride at lowest level of tolerances SM's business philosophy. SM understands the need to upgrade and modernize itself to cater to the ever increasing global market. The bench marking of product quality and customer focus calls for uniform codified business policies. Customers are our concern and come first. We continuously strive to understand and meet their needs.

R&D Policy

SM undertakes to translate technological developments in design and process innovations to answer the customer expectations. The company's commitment to upgrade design and quality is reflected in its consistent high volume of investment in R & D facility and cost effective handling of all manufacturing processes.


The machinery available includes Horizontal Boring Machines, Floor Boring machines, Center Lathes, Planning Machines and Plano Milling Machines with Facing/Grinding/Shaping/Radial Drilling and Slotting Machines.

Other important equipment available are MIG Welding Sets (Air Cooled), Gas Cutting Sets, Profile Cutter, Hack-Saw Machines, Mobile Crane (10 MT), and Complete Testing & Measuring facilities.

Technical Support

Consultancy & Engineering division of SM can handle customer requirements promptly and suggest best possible solutions with various alternatives. Once the customer's needs are identified, we can provide the most economical Mill Layouts resulting in High Productivity and Product Quality. We lay special emphasis on Specific Fuel & Power Consumption and ensure environment friendly, pollution free facilities.

  • SM Consultancy Services division also undertakes technology upgradation and modernization of existing Mills for higher Productivity, Better Quality, Fuel & Power Efficiency and Reduction in Environment Pollution
  • SM has complete technical know-how to design and manufacture Rolling Mill Plants as per customers' specific needs from 0.30 lakh to 3.00 lakh M.T production capacity per year
  • SM covers vast product ranges of 125-750 mm PCD (30") Rolling Mill Plants with desired automation
  • SM also undertakes manufacturing of Hot Rolling Mills for the Rolling of all Graded Steels and Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Copper, etc. as per specific needs of customers
  • SM designs Rolling Mills Equipments to produce TMT Bar, etc.
  • SM provides Roll Pass Designs for the rolling of all Sections, Special Profiles, Railway Tracks, etc.
  • SM has well equipped engineering Workshop with over 75 precision heavy machine tools
  • SM also takes up Engineering Job Work as per Customer's Drawings and Specifications to utilize spare Machining Capacity
  • SM prepares feasibility reports (FRs), Detailed Project Reports and Layouts for Rolling Mills
  • SM has a strong team of Technical Personnel and it is associated with reputed Consultancy Organizations to provide Total Engineering Support
  • SM takes up Modernization, Revamping and Refurbishing of existing Mills.